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Ash fields in Babice

Blechammer sub-camp

Monowitz sub-camp

Rajsko Greenhouses

Rajsko Greenhouses

Rajsko Greenhouses

Harmęże ash ponds

Bahnhof West Auschwitz Freight Station

Tannenwald IG Farben Werk Kamp 5


Welcome to the Auschwitz Study Group page.

Established in 2012, the Auschwitz Study Group was created with the aim of correctly representing all facets and complexities of Auschwitz and post war Oświęcim for the first time. We consider the Auschwitz memorial zones, sub-camps, industrial zones and work camps equally, paying particular attention to the studies that consider the vast spatial areas that Auschwitz eventually became. We are the world's leading social media educational group to tackle the subject and offer our followers the opportunity to interact and contribute with our monthly projects.

We work alongside several organisations; in October 2016, we officially became partners with Kazerne Dossin, the Holocaust and Human Rights museum in Belgium, and in 2017 with the Lake District Holocaust Project in the UK. We salute the work that has been carried out on the outer museum zones of Auschwitz, particularly that of the late Marek Rawecki and the late Artur Hojan formerly of Tiergartenstrasse 4 Association. Artur's primary research on locating these places inspired us to finally complete our own project in 2018.

We currently have over 15 people working for us worldwide. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please click here to see how you can help.

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