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The Auschwitz Study Group was created by freelance journalist and researcher, Michael Challoner to present a platform for people to find out more about Auschwitz. This is achieved through various forms of interaction, particularly social media which we feel is as equally important today as any other form of educational outlet. Our focus is to always correctly represent what Auschwitz became and not just focus on specific areas, which can be very problematic for the education of Auschwitz. As such, we consider our group to be the leading Auschwitz interactive platform in the world today. 

We have several thousands of followers, including Holocaust survivors, authors, film makers and Holocaust memorial personnel from memorials and organisations around the world. Our archival researcher, Iga Bunalska spends over 20 hours each week in the Auschwitz museum archives collecting data and testimonies to support our projects.

Our ongoing projects include the vast Auschwitz Sub-Camp system, both in an archival and geographical sense. We have spent over 7 years researching the Sub-Camp system, paying particular attention to their post war histories and how they appear within the confines of museum preservation and education. A fraction of our research is currently made available through our website, essays, social media and eventually as a published effort.

More recently, we have commenced research concerning the so called ‘Industriehof’, the immediate area of factories and buildings that operated on the doorstep of Auschwitz I. Our work is inspired by the publications and researchers that tackle the issues of these environments in a detailed, balanced and compassionate way. 

Michael Challoner has a degree in both Holocaust Studies and English Language. A freelance researcher and journalist, Michael has spent several years working in Poland, and also as a university lecturer focussing on the outer museum zones of Auschwitz. Michael is also available to give lectures around Europe, and customised guided tours at the locations of the Industriehof and Sub-Camp zones in Oświęcim. Please contact us for further information.

Our core team include co-founder Stefania Zezza, a teacher at Liceo classico Virgilio in Rome, also archivist and social media co-ordinator, Iga Bunalska, and fellow researcher and web designer, Natalia Nowak. We are supported by a larger team of 15 volunteers who contribute research, essays and translations.

If you feel you can add value to our mission, please get in touch through the contact section.


The Auschwitz Study Group contributors:

Stefania Zezza

Iga Bunalska

Hannah Wilson

Natalia Nowak

Stephanie Tryka