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Iga Bunalska studied Jewish history graduating with the highest marks in June 2016. Iga is also a professional translator speaking English, Polish, Hebrew and Yiddish. 

From July 2016, Iga has been working full time in the Auschwitz archives on behalf of the Auschwitz Study Group, organising and translating several hundreds of testimonies of prisoners who worked in the Industriehof areas. The work forms part of a collaborative study with founder Michael Challoner and also with Kazerne Dossin, the  Holocaust museum in Belgium.

Iga takes control of the content seen on the Auschwitz Study Group's social media pages, reflecting mostly on the Auschwitz chronology, and she also works as a translator and contributor of the 'Reflections' magazine

More recently, Iga spent several months researching the pre to post war history of the Lederfabrik, the largest external storage facility for stolen goods at Auschwitz. 

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