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'Reflections' Issue 1

The leading Holocaust Magazine from the Auschwitz Study Group
Issue 1

In the first issue of Reflections, available both in English and Polish, we are focusing on what we consider the major current topics in the Holocaust studies. Since the Holocaust in the last decades has risen a great interest in the media and in the public opinion, our aim is to provide information on its main aspects: memory, preservation, the role and the organisation of memorials and museums as well as the results of the most recent research. That’s the reason why the first articles are about Auschwitz, Neuengamme and Sobibor: three places where the issues of reconstructing the past and preserving its memory are crucial.

The other articles concern the memory of the life in the Auschwitz camp from different points of view and the topic of liberation. An article on the refugees problem in the Forties, based on a accurate study of personal documents and Visas, connects the past and the present. In the last page of the magazine there is a presentation of our new ASG website.


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