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ASG & Warhistory – Instagram collaboration

An allied bombing raid over Auschwitz in 1944
An allied bombing raid over Auschwitz in 1944
Photo courtesy of the Washington Holocaust

Warhistory was established in March 2014 and is now run by 4 administrators and writers from 4 different countries: Germany, Finland, Switzerland, and the United States of America. It was established as a social media account to educate a mainly young audience on various topics, and the true nature of the armed conflicts that have shaped our world. It was created to spread a broader understanding for each side's perspective in these conflicts from an unbiased point of view. 

In early 2016, Warhistory began working with the ASG's Instagram account, crossing over stories that were linked. The ASG felt that the mission of Warhistory followed our own philosophy of explaining history correctly, avoiding the more commercial aspects or interpretations that often saturate Holocaust education. In August 2016, the ASG's Head of Social Media, Iga Bunalska, became a guest writer for Warhistory and its founder, Maximilian Kullmann became a guest writer on the ASG's Instagram account. We are hopeful the 2 accounts combined will offer the most complete researched, balanced and thorough analysis of World War II history and the Holocaust of any Instagram account today.

2 of its admins, Maximilian Kullmann and Yann Menetrey, are also part of the ASG Council working on our many projects including the translation of our website into German and French.

The posts from this mutual project can be read below.

ASG's guest posts
on Warhistory's Instagram
                Warhistory's guest posts
on ASG's Instagram
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The History of Auschwitz (Part IV) – The Tarnów Transport on 14 June 1940                 Understanding Auschwitz (Part VI) – The Stab in the Back
The History of Auschwitz (Part V) – The German Administration                  
The History of Auschwitz (Part VI) – The Displacement of Polish People                  
Heinrich Himmler Visits KL Auschwitz                  
The History of Auschwitz (Part VII) – The Transport of Prisoners                  
The History of Auschwitz (Part VIII) – The Transport of Prisoners