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Location: Łagiewniki Śląskie near Bytom, today: Bytom-Łagiewniki, Poland
Camp Commandant: SS-Unterscharführer Josef Eckhart

The Hubertushütte sub-camp was established in December 1944 on the initiative of the management of the Hubertus steel mill in the Beuthen (Bytom) suburb of Hohenlinde owned by Berghütte. In the face of a shortage of labour needed to increase arms production, in September of that year the steel mill's management asked the SS Business Administration Main Office to allocate 1000 prisoners from Auschwitz for work in the mill.

On December 20th, 1944, a group of 200 Jewish prisoners brought to Auschwitz in transports during 1943 and 1944 were sent to Łagiewniki. Because construction of the sub-camp had not yet been completed, they were temporarily placed in a separate section of the camp for foreign labourers and soon moved to barracks that had earlier been occupied by Italian prisoners. At the sub-camp's eve of liberation there were 202 prisoners.

The sub-camps commandant was SS-Unterscharführer Josef Eckhart, who had about 40 SS men under him.

Read testimony of Bernard Bula about working in Hubertushütte sub-camp.

Until mid-January 1945, the sub-camp management evidently did not consider the possibility of the German army's defeat, nor the impending evacuation, since it was waiting for another transport of 800 prisoners to arrive. This is proven by surviving orders for clothing, wooden shoes, and barracks furnishings that the sub-camp management was sending to the steel mill management.

The prisoners were put to work in different sections of the steel mill doing the hardest and dirtiest labour. Most of the prisoners were assigned to construct the new buildings where production was to be started up just for the army. Civilian and forced labourers employed in sections where prisoners were dangerous criminals and that anyone communicating with them could expect to be sent to Auschwitz.

On the  night of January 18th-19th, 1945, the sub-camp management received the order to evacuate. On January 19th, SS men marched 202 prisoners from Łagiewniki on foot: only 58 of them reached the Leitmeritz camp in Litoměřice, Bohemia in Czechy (a sub-camp of Floessenburg).

Hubertushütte the sub-camp of Auschwitz
View looking at the original part of the Hubertus mill, from the gate of the sub-camp
Photo by Michael Challoner ©



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