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Location: Stara Kuźnia, Bytom-Halemba Poland
Camp Commandants: SS-Hauptscharführer Otto Moll, SS-Oberscharführer Max Schmidt

In February 1941, IG Farbenindustrie AG purchased the old coal mine known as Altanlage in Mysłowice to produce hard coal for powering the large factories in Monowitz.

On January 19th 1945, the sub-camp was evacuated and all prisoners who could walk were sent on foot to the sub-camp of Gleiwitz II. The journey took just over 24 hours where they stayed for a further night until they were loaded into open rail cars and sent on to Mittelbau-Dora following Mauthausen’s reluctance to accept them. From 4,000 prisoners sent to Mittelbau-Dora, only 3,500 made it alive from the Gleiwitz sub-camp.

Several dozen prisoners who were too weak to leave the Fürstengrube camp were later shot by the SS who were already making advances in the town. 

Fürstengrube sub-camp of Auschwitz
Inside the remains of the Fürstengrube sub-camp, showing the prisoner fence and watchtower remnants
Photo by Michael Challoner ©



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