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(Aussenkommando) Chelmek

Location: Chełmek, Poland
Camp commandants: SS-Oberscharführer Josef Schillinger; SS-Unterscharführer Wilhelm Emmerich
Number of prisoners: around 150
Employer in charge: Ota Schlesische Schuhwerke AG, previously BATA
Dates of camp's existence: from October 1942 until 9th December 1942

The sub-camp at Chełmek was fairly short lived over a 2 month period, and yet the logistics of the operation involving over 150 prisoners actually stretched over 3 main sites in the town. Chełmek is only 8 kilometres from Oświęcim and sits on the direct train route to Trzebinia that also passes the coal mines of Libiąż (the sub-camp of Janinagrube).

Read testimony of Anna Wanat about living and working in Chelmek sub-camp.


Chelmek the sub-camp of Auschwitz
The remnants of the original Bata factory as seen from the Chełmek 'ponds' where Jewish prisoners were forced to work
Photo by Michael Challoner ©



Information about sources we used while researching the sub-camp you can find here.

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