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Location: Rydułtowy, Poland
Camp commandants: SS-Oberscharführer Alfred Tschiersky, SS-Oberscharführer Hans Kirschner
Number of prisoners: around 1000
Employer in charge: Hermann Göring Werke
Dates of camp's existence: from September 1944 until 19th January 1945

One of the largest shifts of prisoners from Auschwitz towards the end of 1944 was to the Charlottegrube Sub-Camp in Rydułtowy, Poland. Over 1,000 Jewish prisoners mainly of Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian origin were eventually sent to work at the coal mine between September and October 1944, with the first transport containing approximately 200 prisoners. The last consignment of prisoners were transported on the day of the Sonderkommando revolt on October 7th when prisoners of crematorium 4 in Birkenau blew up the gas chamber during a failed break out.

Read testimony of Henryk Pozimski about living and working in Charlottegrube sub-camp.


Charlottegrube the sub-camp of Auschwitz
The remains of the prisoner barrack foundations, now part of a private car park
Photo by Michael Challoner ©



Information about sources we used while researching the sub-camp you can find here.

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