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(Wirtschaftshof) Budy Female Camp

Location: Budy, south of Oświęcim, Poland
Camp Commandants: SS-Oberaufseherin Runge; SS-Oberaufseherin Elisabeth Hasse; SS-Oberaufseherin Johanna Borman
Number of prisoners: 455
Employer in charge: SS-WVHA/Amt W V; Land-, Forst- und Fischwirtschaft
Dates of camp's existence: from April 1943 until late 1944

Wirtschaftshof Budy was an SS farm set up in the villages of Brzeszcze, Budy and Bór around 5 kilometres from Auschwitz. During over a 4-year period, Budy became the location for housing prisoners of the Penal Company, a men’s camp and a women’s camp. Prisoners would walk the distance each morning and evening from Auschwitz to Budy until 1942 when the sub-camp was established. It existed until liberation in January 1945, apart from  short break in winter 1942 when prisoners returned to Birkenau or worked on other farms such as Babitz or Harmense until their return in early spring 1943.

Although men and women worked separately and in different parts of the village, the surviving camp records refer to the work and activities concerning these years just as Budy. It is therefore important to distinguish Budy as 3 separate entities in the camps history.

Read testimony of Stanisław Zyguła about living and working in Budy sub-camps.


Budy the sub-camp of Auschwitz for women
The old school and former female penal company building
Photo by Michael Challoner ©



Information about sources we used while researching the sub-camp you can find here.

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