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Location: Bobrek (north of Oświęcim), Poland
Camp commandant: SS-Scharführer Hermann Buch
Number of prisoners: 263
Employer in charge: Siemens-Schuckertwerke GmbH
Dates of camp's existence: from May 1944 to 19th January 1945

In September 1943, the German company Siemens relocated their Electrical Factory to Bobrek in Poland - 5 kilometres from Auschwitz III Monowitz. The Siemens workers could also bring along their families which was much safer than staying in Berlin at the time due to the increased allied bombing raids. On the 18th January 1945, the prisoners left the sub-camp for the final time and joined the columns of those evacuated from Auschwitz.

Read testimony of Stanisław Drożdż about living and working in Bobrek sub-camp.


Bobrek the sub-camp of Auschwitz
The former Siemens factory today.
Photo by Michael Challoner ©



Information about sources we used while researching the sub-camp you can find here.

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