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Location: Sławęcice, Poland
Camp commandant: SS-Hauptsturmführer Otto Brossmann, SS-Unterscharführer Kurt Klipp
Number of prisoners: 4,115
Employer in charge: Oberschlesische Hydrierwerke AG
Dates of camp's existence: from 1st April 1944 until 21st January 1945

On the April 1st, 1944, the Auschwitz III administration officially set up the Blechammer sub-camp in Sławęcice, Poland. The first transports to the camp under the Auschwitz administration were 3000 men and 200 women.

On 21st January 1945, 4,000 prisoners  were sent on foot wearing just pyjamas and clogs in the deep snow to the Gross Rosen concentration camp. The death march took 10 days in total. 800 prisoners were executed or died on the journey and left at the sides of the road.

Read testimony of Luzer Markowicz about living and working in Blechhammer sub-camp.


Blechhammer the sub-camp of Auschwitz
The Blechhammer crematorium and watchtower
Photo by Michael Challoner ©



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