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(Wirtschaftshof) Birkenau

Location: Brzezinka by Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland
Camp commandant: unknown
Number of prisoners: 204
Employer in charge: Forst- und Fischwirtschaft
Dates of camp's existence: from 1943 to January 1945

The sub-camp of Wirtschaftshof Birkenau was established around the same time as the SS farm at Babice in early 1943. This was the closest sub-camp to Birkenau and was only a 5-minute walk from the SS barracks and the SS Kennels known as the Hundezwinger.

As many as 250 prisoners worked and lived at the sub-camp and slept in one wooden barrack. There was 1 barn (that was actually much larger than the prisoners sleeping barracks), 2 cowsheds, a kitchen, and 2 horse stables.

Read testimony of Mojsze Rybowski about living and working in (Wirtschaftshof) Birkenau sub-camp.

Drainage ditches in the fields had to be created to improve the soil for growing crops in the fields. Ashes from the Birkenau crematoriums were also used on the fields as fertilisers. While scattering the ashes, the prisoners were finding various human remains or materials that were not fully destroyed. It was not uncommon to find human jaws, medicine bottles or the rims from spectacles. Products produced at Wirtschaftshof Birkenau were mostly for SS kitchens and were first tested at the Hygiene Institute in Rajsko.

Wirtschaftshof Birkenau the sub-camp of Auschwitz
A barn from the sub-camp now in private ownership
Photo by Michael Challoner ©



Information about sources we used while researching the sub-camp you can find here.

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