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(Wirtschaftshof) Babitz

Location: Babice by Oświęcim, Poland
Camp commandant: SS-Oberscharführer Rosenoff
Number of prisoners: around 340
Employer in charge: Forst- und Fischwirtschaft
Dates of camp's existence: from March 1943 to January 17th, 1945

SS-Oberscharführer Rosenoff was appointed Commandant of the Babitz sub-camp. He appointed Erna Kuck, a female SS Supervisor to look after the women. Due to her kind nature and the support she gave prisoners, she was replaced in 1944 by Johanna Bormann who in comparison was strict and brutal. Bormann was later hanged for her crimes on the 13th December 1945.

In the history of the sub-camp, only 2 recorded escape attempts were made. A female prisoner named Lodka managed to escape to safety, but the Russian woman only got as far as Kraków where she was caught as a suspected partisan and sent to the Ravensbrück concentration camp in Germany.

On the 17th January 1945, prisoners from the Babitz Sub-Camp joined the evacuation columns from Birkenau and the camp was shut down.

Read testimony of Zofia Cendrowska (nee Bondyra) about living and working in Babitz sub-camp.


Babitz the sub-camp of Auschwitz
The school building where the prisoners lived in the basement area
Photo by Michael Challoner ©



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