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Location: Stara Kuźnia, Bytom-Halemba, Poland
Camp commandants: SS-Oberscharführer Hans Höwner, SS-Oberscharführer Hans Mirbeth
Number of prisoners: around 500
Employer in charge: Godula Company
Dates of camp's existence: from September 1944 to January 1945

Althammer became an Auschwitz sub-camp in September 1944. However, its history began in 1940 when the Nazis began the construction of the Walter Electric Power Plant in the Polish town of Stara Kuźnia.

Originally it was only Polish people who worked at the Plant as forced labourers and a new development of brick barracks were built in the vicinity of the Power Plant to house them. In 1941, the Poles were then moved to alternative barracks to make way for Soviet Prisoners of War who were being captured in large numbers on the Eastern Front.

Read testimony of Mieczysław Francuz about living and working in Althammer sub-camp.

 Althammer was evacuated just before the main camp at Auschwitz was liberated on the 19th January 1945. About 350 prisoners were marched on foot to the Gleiwitz Sub-camp in the Polish town of Gliwice.

Althammer the sub-camp of Auschwitz
Photo shows the remains of one of the barracks with the power plant in the background
Photo by Michael Challoner ©



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