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Contemporary Holocaust Photo Collection

Michael Challoner pictured in Monowitz, 2013
Michael Challoner pictured in Monowitz,
2013. The last camp pole to exist

One of our ongoing projects within the Auschwitz Study Group is to collect post war and more contemporary photos concerning Holocaust sites in Europe. We aim to build the largest free archive of pictures that are then split into searchable categories such as: Concentration Camps, Death Camps, Ghetto's and sites of mass murder. In our personal collections, we have over 500,000 photos, mainly concerning the sub-camp system of Auschwitz and the industrial zones surrounding the camps, however the majority have not been uploaded yet, but are available upon request. We feel that it is important to show these former sites of death in their modern environment, against the backdrop of 21st century life. We have discovered that in many cases outside of the main museum run grounds, these places have been forgotten and neglected. Our photo collection project aims to correct the assumption that concentration camps were bound within the confines of memorial sites.

We work closely with concentration camp memorials such as Neuengamme, Dachau, Chełmno, Bergen-Belsen and many others who have been co-operative with our project. We also invite our followers to send us photos to help build our library. You can do so by sending them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Many thanks to all of our donors so far, particularly Mirosław Ganobis for allowing us to make available his incredible collection. You can view our collections by using the categories below. You will then be take to our Flickr account to view the albums.


Auschwitz Related:
Auschwitz I
Auschwitz I Block 2
Auschwitz I Block 3
Auschwitz I Block 27
Auschwitz I Krematorium I
Auschwitz-Birkenau Gate
Auschwitz-Birkenau (BIII Mexico Sektor)
Auschwitz III Monowitz
Auschwitz Sub-Camps
Auschwitz Related Buildings (Oświęcim)
Auschwitz Then and Now Comparisons
Auschwitz Villa Höss Garden
Auschwitz DAW Slave Labour Factory Area
Auschwitz Krupp Slave Labour Factory
SS Officer Homes in Auschwitz
IG Farben Work Camps around Auschwitz
IG Farben & Monowitz during the Nazi Occupation
Oświęcim in the 1960's
Pre War and Occupied Oświęcim
Rare post war 1940s Auschwitz I pictures
Hanging of Auschwitz Kommandant Rudolf Höss 1947
Arbeitslager Blechhammer - Auschwitz Sub-Camp

Concentration Camps:
Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp
Bełżec Extermination Camp
Buchenwald Concentration Camp
Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp
Majdanek Concentration Camp
Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp
Neuengamme Concentration Camp
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
Stutthof Concentration Camp
Treblinka Death Camp and Concentration Camp

Będzin Ghetto, Poland
Częstochowa Ghetto, Poland
Kraków Ghetto, Poland
Rome Jewish Quarter, Italy
Sosnowiec Ghetto, Poland
Theresienstadt Ghetto, Czech Republic

Other Albums:
Holocaust Memorials
Concentration Camp Guidebooks
Krakow Ghetto to Plaszów, March 2012
Death March to Wodzisław Śląski Station