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Patriotic number 1393 - Bernard Świerczyna and his story

Bernard Świerczyna was a person truly loving his home country, Poland. He grew up in Mysłowice, completed a reserve office cadet course in Skierniewice and studied law in Kraków. He married Adelajda Kierek at the age of 25. At the day of their wedding they had already knew that Bernard would join the Polish Army.

Being arrested twice in 1939 and 1940, he was finally sent to Auschwitz in July 1940 with the 2nd transport of political prisoners from Kraków. In the camp he got a job as a writer as he spoke German fluently. He quickly got involved into the resistance movement in Auschwitz. In late 1944, when the Nazis started to remove their crime evidence, the resistance movement leaders also started to plan escapes of their important members, including Bernard, from Auschwitz. Unfortunately, this didn't work out and the escapees were arrested. Those who managed to survived, were sent to prison and sentenced to death. Until his last minutes of life, Bernard was taking every possibility of showing his patriotism.

After the II World War, young Felicjan Świerczewski was given the War Order of Virtuti Militari, the Silesian Uprising Cross, and the Auschwitz Cross for his father.

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Bernard Świerczyna
Bernard Świerczyna