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Read about the brutality and depravity of the SS in the Auschwitz industries of Neu-Dachs

In a town of Jaworzno, approximately 25 kilometres from Oświęcim, there were 4 hard coal mines and 1 power plant. In order of establishing a new industrial sub-camp of Auschwitz, Neu-Dachs started to operate on 15 June 1943. The sub-camp's commandant was SS-Obersturmführer Bruno Pfütze, and up to 300 SS men were guarding over a few thousand prisoners.

Prisoners worked in 3 shifts and had only 1 Sunday per month off. They walked to work fastened to metal bars that they always had to hold, no matter how cold it was. After coming back to their barracks, they were still forced to do clean-up jobs, and they were brutally treated when took even a very short break. For more serious 'crimes', the prisoners could have been punished by flogging or being kept in a standing cell for several nights.

In an administration and management aspects, the sub-camp in Jaworzno was quite indepenedent to Auschwitz main camp. Only clothes, food (except for bread supplied in the town) and medicines were transfered from Auschwitz.

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Neu-Dachs sub-camp of Auschwitz
Rail siding built by prisoners going to the Dachs mine
Photo by Michael Challoner ©