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New Sub-Camps' and Industriehof sections

This week we have added 3 new sections on the website. 2 of them are connected to the main Sub-Camps page, and the other one is dedicated to industrial zones of Auschwitz. Learn more about them.

The Auschwitz Study Group

On our Sub-Camps page you can find now 2 new sub-sections where we describe 2 types of satellite camps of Auschwitz more in detail, according to general purpose why they were established. The first type of them is dedicated to Agricultural Sub-Camps system built mostly on existing farms in villages around Birkenau. Another type applies to Industrial Sub-Camps located by mines, power plants, steelworks and other factories in towns in South Poland and North Czechoslovakia.

Don't miss an absolutely new section on our website - Industriehof, which is dedicated to industrial zone created around the Auschwitz I camp. There were factories, warehouses, storages, power plants operating for the Nazi camp, and a lot of prisoners worked in them, along with civilian workers.