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Skeletons of industry: Read about the relics of the Auschwitz Industriehof

In the new section of the website, Industriehof, we are presenting industries operating in Auschwitz I zone, were both prisoners and civilian people used to work in. Find out more about first 5 of them.

In the Bauhof warehouses there were materials for construction of Auschwitz I and II stored. Their shape was very similar to barracks seen in Birkenau. Except a few brick remains, only railtracks still exist. Read more here.

The SS ordered building a bakery by Auschwitz I - Backerei - close to the SS headquarters and canteen. The bakery still exists today, with extensions built to it. Read more about Backerei here.

In factories called Deutsche Ausrüstungswerke (DAW), the camp prisoners worked on production of military armaments and machinery. In the Industriehof DAW was second in size after the Krupp factory. Learn more about DAW here.

The (DAW) Holzlager Platz was a yard by a rail embankment. It was a convient place for loading and unloading transports of various materials needed in the Auschwitz complex, sent or to the DAW factory or to warehouses. Read more here.

Another of the Industriehof factories was The Deutsche Erd und Steinwerke manufacturing building materials. DEST acquired a building for their civilian workers to live in, close to the Oświęcim railway station. The Deutsche Erd und Steinwerke Residential still exists and you can find out more about it here.

Map showing the location of the Bauhof sheds
Map showing the location of the Bauhof sheds
Map designed by Michael Challoner ©