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Neustadt Sub-Camp on the website now. Learn about work in Nazi textile factory.

When the World War 2 broke out, the Nazis took over various industries in Poland, including an old textile factory located in a Polish town Prudnik. The factory management was using the labour of prisoners or war and foreign workers, and when a new sub-camp of Auschwitz was established there in September 1944, they also took opportunity of slave labour of the concentration camp's prisoners.

When the Lagischa sub-camp was closed down, its prisoner labour was directed to Neustadt - the new camp. In that case there was only 1 transport of prisoners to Prudnik and it numbered 400 Hungarian Jews. Conditions in the sub-camp were really tough, and its commandants were very brutal. Dead prisoners' bodies were buried in the Jewish cementary in Prudnik, what happened also in the Charlottegrube camp only. 

On 19 January 1945 the Neustadt prisoners were evacuated on foot to Gross Rosen. After that they were transported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

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Neustadt sub-camp of Auschwitz
Photo showing the women's work area on the left and the women's living quarters directly forward on the second floor
Photo by Michael Challoner ©