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The Auschwitz Study Group have hit 4000 followers on Instagram

The Auschwitz Study Group is happy to announce that now there are 4000 followers on our Instagram. That shows there is a thirst for knowledge about Holocaust and the Auschwitz system within people of various nationalities.

We would like to thank all of our Instagram followers as we have hit the 4k mark and reached another of our goals at the same time. We find this platform as a perfect place to educate people about important aspects of the recent history. The number of our followers has been constantly growing since we started to post on Instagram a few months ago and we hope that more people would like to explore less- and totally unknown history of Auschwitz with us.

The Auschwitz Study Group hit 4000 followers on Instagram

We offer daily informative historical posts on Auschwitz on Instagram that we may not always represent on the Facebook Group. If you have any questions on Auschwitz that you wish us to expand on please send us a message and we will endeavor to present your question as one of our daily posts.

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