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Weekly trend: the literature on the camps. Follow the Auschwitz Study Group on Facebook all this week

Many books, both academic written by historians and memoirs written by survivors, have been published since the second half of the 1940's. Some of them represent a crucial part of our studies, some are considered masterpieces in world’s literature. Join us on Facebook to find out more about the literature on the Nazi camps this week.

The ASG weekly trend on literature

Today, on 27 June 2016, we would like to remember and suggest the reading (to those who have not already done) of two of them: a scientific study recently written by Dan Stone, 'The Liberation of The Camps', and the memoir written by Viktor Frankl, 'Man’s Search For Meaning'.

These books reflect, each in its own way, on fundamental issues related to the 'universe concentrationnaire': the first one examining it in its framework and dynamics as they were unveiled by the liberators and told by the survivors, the second one provide a glimpse on the reactions and psychological conditions of the prisoners, the so called psycopathology of detention.

We would appreciate your comments and reading suggestions in relation to this topic.

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