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Follow The Auschwitz Study Group on Twitter for 1944 transports of Hungarian Jews

72 years ago, between May and end of July 1944, transports of Hungarian Jews to KL Auschwitz took place. The Auschwitz Study Group (ASG) is commemorating these events throught all July on the official Twitter account. Learn more about our new project.

Auschwitz Study Group on Twitter in July 2016

The deportations of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz began in May 1944 and lasted until August 1944. The only Jewish community that remained in Hungary was that of Budapest after around 440,000 Jews from the whole country were transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau by this time with many being selected for death in the gas chambers. One of the little number of Jews from Hungary who survived Holocaust was Lilly Jacob. After her survival, she made an incredible discovery by founding an album that contained pictures of her family and friends as they arrived on the ramp and sent to their death under the false pretences of being sent to work. The album is the only known photographic evidence of a transport arriving into Auschwitz that follows the selection process.

The Auschwitz Study Group (ASG) would like to commemorate the Hungarian transports in social media, and that is why our Twitter account will follow a day in the history of the Hungarian transports to Auschwitz for the entire month of July 2016. Day by day, we will be revealing more facts on the Hungarian transports on our website, too.

The images and sources we use for this project are courtesy of the Yad Vashem, Lilly Jacob's 'Auschwitz Album' and Danuta Czech's Auschwitz chronological diary entries respectively. Other sources include, amongst others, 'Auschwitz, a New History' by Laurence Rees.

Follow the Auschwitz Study Group (ASG) on Twitter for daily reports on the transports of Hungarian Jews in July 1944.