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Check new photos of the former Kraków ghetto area

See our collection of photos of Kraków ghetto buildings as they appear in 2016 - all were taken by the Auschwitz Study Group.

Kraków Ghetto in 2016

Structures seen in the photos were used for the administration and residential habitats of the Jews sent to live in the Kraków Ghetto. Now they are a natural part of the city, with memorials and plaques reminding of the cruel events which happened there.

The ghetto was established in March 1941 in Kraków's district named Podgórze and its liquidation lasted from June 1942 until March 1943. Around 17,000 Jewish people lived in it, while there had been around 70,000 Jews in Kraków before the World War II. Most of the Jewish inhabitants of the ghetto were sent to Belzec, Płaszów and Auschwitz camps. Only 1,000 of Kraków Jews survived the war.

Check the Auschwitz Study Group's photos of Kraków Ghetto from 2016.