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Check the real location of the Auschwitz Judenrampe with Hans Citroen and ASG

Judenrampe is an important part of Auschwitz-Birkenau as it was a place where transports of hundreds of thousends innocent people used to arrive and where the early selections took place, yet the location presented nowadays isn't the one where the original Judenrampe was really located. Today we want to present you a short film explaining the correct location of the ramp.

Read here about Judenrampe in the Industriehof section.

In 2005, the French Government financed a memorial to be erected on the site of the original Judenrampe. 2 box cars were placed on new rail track with a memorial board, although the site of the Judenrampe was much further to the east. The site of the Judenrampe memorial was actually waste ground during the Nazi occupation as can be seen from aerial photos from 1944. The concrete platform that replaced the original wooden version now appears to be buried under rubble at the original location. 

Watch The real location of the Auschwitz Judenrampe with Hans Citroen, subtitled by Stephanie Tryka of the Auschwitz Study Group, and reproduced with kind permission for the intention of extended visual research on the subject of the Judenrampe, an incredibly important part of the histories of Auschwitz. 


Hans Citroen is a Dutch writer and artist, author of a book 'Auschwitz-Oświęcim' which he wrote with his wife Barbara Starzyńska, and also a researcher of the Judenrampe's real location.