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Find out more about women of Rajsko in a project of ASG and the Lake District Holocaust Project

From the very beginning of 2017 the Auschwitz Study Group has been working in association with the Lake District Holocaust Project, based in the UK. The purpose of the collaboration is to identify the details and fate of all the female prisoners working in the Raisko sub-camp. 

The Auschwitz Study Group

The Raisko agricultural sub-camp was established on 12th June 1943 and was functioning until 18th January 1945 when the camp was disbanded and the women joined the death marches from the main camp. The first entry in the hospital record of Raisko is dated 17th June 1943 and the last one on 4th January 1945.

You can read more about Raisko in the Sub-Camps section.

All information we have collected so far in the Auschwitz-Birkenau archives helped us in learning about around 145 women of various nationalities (mostly Polish and Polish Jews, but also French, Slovakian and others) who received their Auschwitz numbers and worked in the sub-camp located in Rajsko village next to Oświęcim.

Discover names and fate of the Raisko female prisoners.