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ASG Reach Landmark 10,000 Followers on Instagram

We are delighted to announce that we have reached an incredible 10,000 followers on our official Instagram account in little over a year. The social media platform that was once considered as a non educational tool has seen an upsurge of informative pages that now equal the likes of Facebook for their interaction potential. 

Auschwitz Study Group

Auschwitz Study Group Founder, Michael Challoner said:

The subject we tackle is highly sensitive and we are mindful to correctly proportion and tailor how we educate to an ever evolving social media world. There was a time when most Instagram users would only interact with friends and light hearted photo dominated accounts, but accounts like ours have began to buck this trend and we are proud to join an elite few of high quality, well researched pages that have helped change how Instagram is used. Of course, other Auschwitz accounts do exist but offer very little in the way of education to the follower. It is also a concern to us that other pages only concentrate as Auschwitz within the museum zones, yet Auschwitz was more complex than this and needs to be considered in its vast spatial areas. We are proud to be the only account to correctly represent Auschwitz and showcase the incredible research of our collective.

Indeed, the Auschwitz Study Group offer a variety of services and opportunities. We offer lectures on many subjects including insight and advice into planning social media projects on the Holocaust. Click here for more information on this.

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