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ASG Are Partners of the Luftschutz-Splitterschutzzelle Bunkers Exhibition in Chełmek

We are happy and proud to announce we worked and are partners at the open air exhibition regarding the Luftschutz-Splitterschutzzelle bunkers in the area of Chełmek. 

Together with Waldemar Rudyk (the head of MOKSIR in Chełmek) we will be commemorating the Auschwitz sub-camp in that town - one of many sub-camps which was completely neglected and forgotten.

Our work will include researching, securing the perimeter of the camp, working in the Archives, and giving a series of lectures.


The exhibition will be based on the research conducted by Michael Challoner and Natalia Nowak of Auschwitz Study Group. The ongoing archival assistance will be provided by Iga Bunalska.

Learn more about a history of a forgotten sub-camp in Chełmek.