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The Auschwitz Brothel where prisoners were ‘rewarded’ – The Auschwitz Study Group teams up with the Daily Mail Online

Auschwitz Study Group Archivist, Iga Bunalska has recently been working on a project with the Daily Mail unearthing testimonies on the ‘lesser’ known Auschwitz brothel.

Block 24 in Auschwitz
The corridor of block 24, the building
formerly used as a brothel
Photo Iga Bunalska ©

Non-Jewish women were lured into volunteering with promises of better living conditions and better food rations. Mainly in their 20s, the women were made to have sex with an average of 6-8 men every night between 8 and 10pm. They also had to 'work' on Sunday afternoons.

As many as 21 women prisoners worked in the Auschwitz brothels which were known as Sonderbauten (special buildings).

You can read the full article by clicking this link. The page will take you to an external site.


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