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Golleschau Sub-Camp on the website now

Located near the Polish-Czech border, the village of Goleszów used to be a location of one of the Auschwitz sub-camps during the war.

The first prisoners arrived at there in August 1942, and at the time of evacuation over 2 years later, there were over 1000 of them working and living in the camp at the same time.

Prisoners worked in a cement plant there which existed even before the war. Their worked required a lot of physical efford while working on railroad tracks, packing cement or crushing stones and many more.

On January 1945, the Golleschau prisoners were evacuated in three groups to Wodzisław Śląski (where they were sent to the Sachsenhausen and the Flossenburgconcentration camps) and to Oscar Schindler's factory in Brussen Brunnlitz.

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