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Visit the Luftschutz-Splitterschutzzelle bunkers open air exhibition in Chełmek

The Luftschutz-Splitterschutzzelle bunkers open air exhibit is now available to visit. The site sees former bunkers used to protect the SS from bombing raids around the Auschwitz sub-camp.

The bunkers were removed from the camp after the war and left in the forest nearby. If anyone would like to see these bunkers, you will need your own transport. It is approx 15-20 minutes from the Auschwitz museum.

The Auschwitz Study Group provided text and translations for the exhibit.

Click here to view the location on Google Maps.

Schrony las Kamionka
32-660 Chełmek

Bunkers in Chełmek
Bunkers in Chełmek
The bunkers displayed in the open air exhibit
Photo by Michael Challoner