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Güntergrube Sub-Camp on the website now

Operating under administration of Auschwitz III Monowitz, the Günthergrube sub-camp was established in the grounds of existing hard coal mine Piast in town Lędziny.

Prisoners working in the camp were divided into 2 labour squads, one working in the old mine and on construction of the new one. The second squat worked on the sub-camp delivering building materials and levelling the site.

There were a few attempts to escape from Güntergrube, with various results. Szymon Lewenstein from Berlin succeed escaping on March 1st, 1944. Soon after him a small group of Jewish prisoners tried to do so too, but they failed because of betrayal.

The sub-camp started to be evacuated in December 1944 when Polish prisoners were removed from the area. Even in January, on the day of evacuation, the remaining prisoners were still working, and later that day they were escorted towards Gleiwitz II where they met other prisoners before they were marched off again.

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