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Learn more about Harmense, the first agricultural sub-camp

The Harmense sub-camp was created in a village Harmęże next to Oświęcim after decision made by Heinrich Himmler in November 1940, who wanted to have farms for raising food, animals and fish for the SS staff. Many Poles were forced to leave their houses, as the village was incorporated into one big farm belonging to Auschwitz.

At the beginning prisoners used to walk to Harmęże every day from Birkenau. In December 1941 detachment of 50 prisoners working there was moved to the farm pernamently - that is the official date of establishing the Harmense sub-camp. 

Prisoners lived in farmhouses and a former schoolhouse, and conditions there were slightly better than in the main camp. They were divided into 4 detachments doing different agricultural works, but they still needed extra help from Auschwitz I prisoners who were coming to Harmense on daily basis.

Evacuation of the sub-camp happened on January 18th, 1945. Prisoners went to Wodzisław Śląski, and from there - to Bergen-Belsen camp.

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