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Read more about the Auschwitz camp Hindenburg in Zabrze

The Hindenburg Sub-Camp was one of satellite camps of Auschwitz focusing on heavy industry. The steel mill in Zabrze, existing before the war, started to focus on military products when Germans took over control in it.

There were mostly women working in the sub-camp (over 400), with much less number of male prisoners sent there in autumn 1944. Most of the female prisoners were working on ammunition manufacture. Men were most probably working in a cooking plant and a mine.

The living conditions and discipline in Hindenburg were similar to those in other Auschwitz sub-camps. The sub-camp commandant was SS-Unterscharführer Adolf Taube and Joanna Bormann, one of the female overseers, were exceptionally cruel towards the prisoners.

The sub-camp was evacuated on January 19th, 1945, with female prisoners going to Gleiwitz II and from there to Gross Rosen camp.

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