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Learn more about the Jawischowitz Sub-Camp

Jawischowitz was another of the Auschwitz sub-camps established by a hard coal mine. The first transports of prisoners happened in August 1942 and the highest number of them living and working in Jawischowitz reached around 2,500.

Work conditions were really tough, food portions were very little and the barracks where the prisoners lived in were overcrowded. In the camp hospital there were selections made every few weeks when people unfit to work could have been sent to Birkenau or killed by injections to their hearts. It wasn't unusual that some prisoners decided to kill themselves by going on electric fences.

There are records of several successful escapes from the Jawischowitz Sub-Camp, which happaned thanks to help of underground activists.

At the end of 1944, most of Polish and some Russian and German prisoners were sent to camps in Mauthausen and Buchenwald. The Jawischowitz Sub-Camp was evacuated in January 1945 with nearly 2,000 prisoners joining columns of people marching from Birkenau.

Read more about the Jawischowitz Sub-Camp's history here.

Jawischowitz sub-camp of Auschwitz
The last remaining camp posts around the Jawischowitz mine
Photo by Michael Challoner ©