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Read about the sub-camp Kobier and the forest that fuelled the Birkenau fire pits

The Kobier sub-camp located in a village of Kobiór was probably established in autumn 1942, although the exact date is unknown. Barracks and fence around the camp were built by civilian workers of the Pszczyna Forest Management Agency.

Around 150 prisoners lived and worked in Kobier. Most of them were Jews of various nationalitites, and there were also some non-Jewish prisoners. The camp elder and Kapo functions were given to German ones.

There were a few detachments in Kobier, and the biggest Kommando was called Holzfaller - Woodcutter. Wood got in there was sent to Birkenau and used for burning bodies, and trees were also made into props used to support mine ceilings in other sub-camps of Auschwitz. Work of prisoners was always organised in such a way that guards would always be able to see both prisoners and each other.

The Kobier Sub-Camp existed until end of August 1943. Prisoners remaining there were transferred to Auschwitz, and later Kobier was tranformed into a camp for British prisoners of war (POW).

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Kobier sub-camp of Auschwitz
The log storage yard next to Kobiór station, that was also used to store timber during the sub-camps existence
Photo by Michael Challoner ©