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Check the real location of the Auschwitz Judenrampe with Hans Citroen and ASG

Judenrampe is an important part of Auschwitz-Birkenau as it was a place where transports of hundreds of thousends innocent people used to arrive and where the early selections took place, yet the location presented nowadays isn't the one where the original Judenrampe was really located. Today we want to present you a short film explaining the correct location of the ramp.

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Exploring the forgotten camps – follow the new project of the ASG

Before and during World War II there were thousands of various camps established in Europe. Many of their names and locations are widely known, but there are even more which seem not to be popularised or even remembered in most cases. In September 2016 the Auschwitz Study is focusing on Nazi camps forgotten by history, tackling some examples and issues faced by that.

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