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We use many sources for our website, which we display with appreciation and thanks for the reproductions. If you are interested in a specific area of research and our sources have been too general, please contact us so we can assist with the research source. We are happy to help wherever possible.

We have used the following sources for our website:

We also regularly use the works of respected writers such as Franciszek Piper, Piotr Setkiewicz, Irena Strzelecka, Danuta Czech, Marek Rawecki, Hans Citroen, Artur Hojan, Cameron Munroe and others. Many of their works are published and can be found online. We recommend the Auschwitz Study books published by the Auschwitz Museum that can be found in related shops. The works document the studies on the Auschwitz Sub-Camps based on testimonies found at the Auschwitz archives. We are happy to refer any questions we have to sources we feel can help with further researches that can provide information or that have inspired our research.