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Ash fields in Babice

Blechammer sub-camp

Monowitz sub-camp

Rajsko Greenhouses

Rajsko Greenhouses

Rajsko Greenhouses

Harmęże ash ponds

Bahnhof West Auschwitz Freight Station

Tannenwald IG Farben Werk Kamp 5


9th July 1944

Numbers A-17500 - A-17509 were given to 10 Hungarian Jews who were selected from the transport. It is possible that the young and healthy people from this transport were kept in the camp as so-called ‘deposit Jews’. The rest of them were killed in the gas chambers.

Numbers A-9740 – A-9744 were given to 2 sets of twins (4 Jewish girls) who were selected by doctor Mengele as his research subjects.

Auschwitz Album
The platform is now full of Jews. 2 trucks can be seen on the left; another is hidden in the background

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