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The Hungarian Transports to Auschwitz in July 1944

Auschwitz Study Group on Twitter in July 2016

The Jewish Hungarian transports to Auschwitz in mid to late 1944 began at a time when the Nazis were facing defeat on all fronts and the impending collapse of the Third Reich, now just a matter of time. However, the Nazi's lust for blood and complete annihilation of European Jewry was relentless in its pursuit: and Auschwitz-Birkenau became the place of this mass extermination. The deportations began in May 1944 and by the end of July 1944, the only Jewish community that remained in Hungary was that of its capital, Budapest. Around 440,000 Jews were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau by this time with many being selected for death in the gas chambers.

Read our conclusion of the July 2016 project on Twitter about the Hungarian transports to Auschwitz.

To commemorate the action of the Hungarian transports, the Auschwitz Study Group's (ASG) official Twitter account will follow a day in the history of the Hungarian transports to Auschwitz for the entire month of July 2016. Further reading will be made available on our website using pictures from the infamous Lilly Jacob photo album, who was 18 when she was deported from Hungary to Auschwitz-Birkenau alongside her family. After her miraculous survival, Lilly Jacob made one of the most incredible discoveries of the Holocaust following liberation in the Dora concentration camp. She found an album that contained pictures of her family and friends as they arrived on the ramp and sent to their death under the false pretences of being sent to work. The album is the only known photographic evidence of a transport arriving into Auschwitz that follows the selection process.

The images and sources we use for this project are courtesy of the Yad Vashem and Danuta Czech's Auschwitz chronological diary entries respectively. Other sources include, amongst others, 'Auschwitz, a New History' by Laurence Rees.

1 July 1944                           2 July 1944
3 July 1944                           4 July 1944
5 July 1944                           6 July 1944
7 July 1944                           8 July 1944
9 July 1944                           10 July 1944
• 11 July 1944                           12 July 1944
13 July 1944                           14 July 1944
15 July 1944                           16 July 1944
17 July 1944                           18 July 1944
19 July 1944                           20 July 1944
21 July 1944                           22 July 1944
23 July 1944                           24 July 1944
25 July 1944                           26 July 1944
27 July 1944                           28 July 1944
29 July 1944                           30 July 1944
31 July 1944                            


Hungarian Transports on Twitter – Conclusion

Our project on the Hungarian Jews, to which we have devoted the month of July, has aimed at 2 main purposes. Firstly, we meant to give detailed information on one of the crucial events in the developing of the Final Solution, both for its numerical dimensions and because it was carried out within a system, the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex, at a time when it was at its maximum capacity of extermination and exploitation of slave labor. Secondly we believe that the Hungarian situation can provoke significant reflections on the local and international political issues in 1944: in, particular those between the occupied or nazi Allied countries and the Germans, and those between the Nazi leaders, such as Himmler, and the Allies. The persecution and the deportation of the Hungarian Jews constitute the paradigmatic outcome of the international policy,  of the spreading of nationalist extremism and racist antisemitism of the first half of the Forties. 

See a document dated June 20th,1945, sent from the Jewish Council of Pest to the Joint Distribution committee:

A document from 1945 sent from the Jewish Council of Pest to the Joint Distribution committee
Click on the image to see the document