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The Hundenwinger occupied a large area of fields to the east of Auschwitz-Birkenau and just next to the Truppenunterkunfte (the residential barracks for the SS Birkenau staff and the KL Birkenau Head Quarters Building). The main purpose was to house the SS dogs in kennels incorporated with veterinarian facilities and kitchen areas. The dogs at the Hundezwinger were housed, fed and trained here. The larger circumference of the field was at least surrounded by camp posts on its south border (in proximity to the Truppenunterkunfte) but no buildings on the north perimeter exist today. Demolished farm buildings can still be seen to the south of the Hundenwinger, however it is unlikely these were used as part of the kennels or veterinarian facilities, or at least they do not show in any records.

Entrance to the area was accessed from the east border, adjacent to the Auschwitz sub-camp Wirtschaftshof Birkenau. There are no records indicating the prisoners of this sub-camp were set to work at the Hundezwinger, it was most likely specialist dog trainers who were selected from the transports would have worked here, but again no records on prisoner details exist today.

Map showing the location of the Holzhof
Map showing the location of the Hundezwinger
Map designed by Michael Challoner ©
A view of a camp post in the vicinity of the Hundenwinger's south border
A view of a camp post in the vicinity of the Hundenwinger's south border
Photo by Michael Challoner ©


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