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Haus 7

Haus 7 was a shop, café and meeting place for SS families, mostly wives to socialise with other wives, to gossip and live normal lives away from what was happening only 5 minutes to the south at Auschwitz I. A large extension to the east of the pre-war Haus 7 building was extended to create a large café area, perfectly placed on the border of the SS house district, the so called SS Siedlung. Just 2 minutes to the east of Haus 7 was the large DAW slave labour complex on the road leading to the 'Krupp Alley', the road from Auschwitz I to the Krupp slave labour complex that was surrounded by sentries when prisoners made their daily commute to work. The former Haus 7 maintains many of its external features since the war period, as do many of the SS houses nearby.

Read the testimony of Alfred Barabasz about working in Haus 7.

Map showing the location of Haus 7
Map showing the location of Haus 7
Map designed by Michael Challoner ©
The former Haus 7 as it looked in 2013
The former Haus 7 as it looked in 2013
Photo by Michael Challoner ©


Information about sources we used while researching the industrial zones of Auschwitz you can find here.