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(DAW) Holzlager Platz

At the far north of the Industriehof, construction began in 1941 of a complex of workshops and buildings (Deutsche Ausrüstungswerke), German Armament Factories. It was here where production of military armaments and machinery would begin in August 1941 and from around March 1942, 600 prisoners worked there in two shifts. You can read more about the Deutsche Ausrüstungswerke here.

The (DAW) Holzlager Platz was just west of the main DAW factory and sat on the east rail embankment of the so called 'Bahnhof West' rail siding. The location of the yard was convenient for the loading and unloading of materials, with trains having priority over the incoming prisoners transports that would have either departed at the original Judenrampe, or the main station in Oświęcim. The materials could be easily manoeuvred to the adjacent DAW factory or any of the warehouses further to the east.

The timber yard has seen some changes since the end of the war but the original perimeter fence existed until 2014 when it was only partly demolished to make way for a new petrol station. The Holzlager Platz timber yard was originally flanked by the so called 'Landvirtschaftliche Stallhof', the stables of Rudolf Höss. The site is no longer serviced by a rail spur.

Map showing the location of the Holzlager Platz
Map showing the location of the Holzlager Platz
Map designed by Michael Challoner ©
The area of the former (DAW) Holzlager Platz in 2012
The area of the former (DAW) Holzlager Platz as it looked in 2012, The original perimeter fence can be made out on the left
Photo by Michael Challoner ©


Information about sources we used while researching the industrial zones of Auschwitz you can find here.