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Bauhof Material Warehouses (Central Management)

The Bauhof material warehouses, belonging to the SS central building management, were several wooden 'barrack style' warehouses similar to those seen at Auschwitz Birkenau, although some took the form of those seen at Auschwitz III Monowitz ( a more rounded style roof).

In these warehouses, materials for the construction of Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau were stored. We know that these barracks still existed in mid-1945 from photographic evidence, but most probably before 1950, they were taken down altogether. The warehouses stretched from outside the main entrance of Auschwitz I, facing west and carried on further north on the main road in the zone that also included the Holzof (timber storage), Kohlenplatz (coal yard) and the Kanada I storage area for stolen items from incoming transports. They were directly opposite the fertiliser warehouses on the east side of the road facing north.

Read testimony of Stanisław Pawliczek about escaping from Bauhof.

The original structures were build around 1917 (according to Auschwitz researcher Marek Rawecki) but in the period of 1942 onwards they were expanded for the needs of the SS central building management.

The rail siding that branched off from the main train station that serviced the Bauhof warehouses can still be seen. Nothing remains in this area except some post war brick ruins.

Map showing the location of the Bauhof sheds
Map showing the location of the Bauhof sheds
Map designed by Michael Challoner ©
The rail siding by the former Bauhof sheds
The rail siding by the former Bauhof sheds
Photo by Michael Challoner ©


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