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Testimony of Karol Szuster, prisoner number 9310

The testimony is dated on 13 July 1961 and was given in Oświęcim. The number of testimony is 491. Karol Szuster was born on 25 March 1922 in Jaworzno. He arrived to Auschwitz on 10 January 1941 from a prison in Tarnów.

On 10 January 1941 around half an hour past midnight our train stopped on a tall heap, in the back of the camp, just by Industriehof. The SS made us stand in a column (they were using dogs and their guns) and we had to run through Industriehof to the main camp.

After one week of a quarantine we were assigned to work in the Industriehof. Our job was to unload the freight trains that carried the cement, bricks, the construction materials, potatoes and many other things. We had to pile up the bricks so they would create a pile that was the height of a small house. During the second day of our work there the first of us broke because of this terrible situation. His name was Marian Nosal (prisoner number 9308) who just dropped the basket of potatoes he was carrying and without saying any words to anybody, he just jumped in front of the small-gauge train. The driver stopped it immediately (he was a civil worker). Marian was cut in half. I can’t remember if his body was taken to the crematorium right away or if we had to carry it back into the camp. Our capo then was Huelle, he came from Tarnów.