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Walter Blum

Stolpersteine of Walter Blum

Walter was born on 23rd May 1921, in Mannheim-Waldhof. His mother Helene was a 2 cousin of Sepp Herberger (a German football player and manager) and probably grew up together with him. She died early so her son Walter was taken to the Israelite orphanage in Mannheim. Walter lived later in F 5,25 (street address) in Mannheim, in a small apartment above the mikvah. On 3rd March 1943, he arrived together with his friend Ernest W. Michel in Auschwitz-Birkenau. They were both send to Auschwitz III Monowitz as forced labourers. Walter got ill in 1943 and died on 19th November 1944 because of tuberculosis. His friend Ernest W. Michel held the death watch for Walter. I (Susanne Reber) had promised the late Ernest W. Michel of UJA Federation of N.Y. to have a Stolperstein laid in honour of Walter.

Walter was a trained electrician and a keen footballer. He had never learned about his famous relative because his mother died when he was 3 years old. Although he lost his mother at an early age, Walter was a cheerful and very friendly young man who cared for others.

Text and photo courtesy of Auschwitz Study Group member Susanne Reber.