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Lager IV: Dorfrand

Testimony of Michalina Gratka

As I was afraid they would send me to Germany to work, I volunteered at the end of 1942 and I went to Arbeitsamt in Oświęcim, where I was assigned to work in IG Farben Industrie. I worked in the food warehouse there. The warehouse was responsible for delivering the food rations such as bread, ham, fat to the civil workers of IG Farben, but also to camps in Monowice and Dwory, where workers from different countries were kept, alongside with British POWs and KL Auschwitz prisoners.

We were also delivering food to the camps if they placed an order. So for example we would go to Lager IV by truck, and Auschwitz prisoners worked there. We had a chance to speak to them. We also stayed in touch with prisoners who came to my workplace.

In Lager IV Paweł Żok was the head of the prisoners’ food warehouse. He came from Silesia. He signed up the Volkslist, and was released and then taken to Wehrmacht. He survived the war and is now living in Poland. After he left, his place was taken by Józef Tabaczyński from Sosnowiec. His wife was a prisoner in Birkenau.


Testimony of Józef Wrona

Lager IV – the prisoners of Auschwitz were kept there (KL Monowitz). I have been inside of it a couple of times (I was doing some maintenance work there and I took part in the installation of the heating there).